Christy Awards Note Best in Christian Fiction

The Christy Award™ is a program of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) and is the most recognized award honoring and promoting excellence in Christian fiction since 1999. It is named for Catherine Marshall’s novel, Christy, which has sold over 10 million copies since its publication in 1967. Twenty seven titles are finalists in seven categories, some from familiar authors in the genre, others from newcomers. The award winners will be announced November 8, 50 years to the day that Christy* reached the top spot on the New York Times fiction bestseller list. Here are a few titles the judges will be considering:

It's hard to classify Jim Rubart's writing - dystopian fiction, magic realism, inspirational fiction - but whatever it is, his fan base is large and his storytelling talents are vast. In The Long Journey to Jake Palmer, readers meet  motivational speaker Jake, now emotionally and physically broken. When told about a mystical corridor near his lake house retreat, Jake is drawn to it, hoping to experience its healing properties. (Visionary Fiction)

Rescue Me is the second title in Susan May Warren's Montana Rescue series, which takes place in Glacier National Park. There are attractive park rangers and EMTs, of course, but there is also a fast-moving plot involving the rescue of a group of teenagers whose hike into the mountains goes awry. Warren weaves the wildness of the setting into her characters, who have demons of their own to confront. (Contemporary Romance)

Kelli Stuart's debut novel, Like a River From Its Course, is told in first person, from four different perspectives - one German Nazi, and three Ukranians - and examines the unspeakably cruel existence shared along the Soviet/German lines during World War II. Stuart spent 15 years doing research for this book, speaking to survivors of the war. Especially notable is that Like a River From Its Course is a finalist in two categories! (First Novel, Historical Fiction)

Joel C. Rosenberg's J.B. Collins series takes readers inside the White House and the world of politics and counter terrorism. Without Warning, the final title, begins as the president of the United States, Harrison Taylor, is about to deliver the State of the Union address, all set to assure the American people that their greatest foreign threat is being squelched. But will the mark be put on the leader of ISIS, Abu Khalif? New York Times national security correspondent J.B. Collins adamantly disagrees with Taylor, beginning to fear that the president won't take necessary action in order to preserve his own political stature. (Mystery/Suspense/Thriller)

*the 50th anniversary edition of Christy will be released in November, check back in to place your hold!

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Evelyn Wallace on December 3, 2017


I've heard about the Christy awards for years without ever getting any details about them. Thanks for the info.

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