Do You Read Cli Fi?

Did you hear this NPR story on what they call an emerging new genre in fiction---Cli Fi, or fiction around issues of climate change?

Meeting at some point between science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, thriller, and contemporary fiction, these books take some of today's predictions and warnings about climate change and extrapolate. With Earth Day and the weather on many people's minds these days, it might be time to try one of these reads. They range from thought-provoking to thrilling!

The Odds Against Tomorrow, Nathaniel Rich

Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood

Flight Behavior, Barbara Kingsolver

Solar, Ian McEwan

Far North, Marcel Theroux

Friend of the Earth, T.C. Boyle

Arctic Drift, Clive Cussler

State of Fear, Michael Crichton

Ultimatum, Matthew Glass

Arctic Rising, Tobias Buckell

What other books where climate change plays a key role would you recommend?

Written by Becker on April 23, 2013

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