Do you erhu what I erhu?

Do you erhu what I erhu?
l to r, Brian Mullins and Mike Fitzmaurice, Erhoopla Variety Show

The erhu is a two-stringed, bowed musical instrument, also called a spike fiddle. Erhoopla Variety Show makes amazing music with this rare instrument. Pop, jazz, American songbook and traditional Chinese -- all get their turn with Erhoopla.

Referred to as the "Chinese violin" or the "Chinese two-stringed fiddle," Western musicians have co-opted the erhu for their music because of its unique, often melancholy sound. Two of our favorite musicians Brian Mullins and Mike Fitzmaurice play the Chinese erhu along with a variety of other Chinese instruments. This lively duo call themselves Erhoopla Variety Show and are back, by popular demand, for an encore performance at the Denver Public Library.

This Sunday, August 19, 2 p.m. in Schlessman Hall, Central Library.
Erhoopla Variety Show: the sound of sorrow blended with the whimsy of original compositions, glee of jazz, and opulence of the ancient. Colorado professional musicians for two decades, Brian Mullins and Mike Fitzmaurice join forces in integrating the instruments and songs of Asia with their personal musical sensibilities. Enjoy the haunting sounds of traditional Chinese music mixed with contemporary and American tunes played on these classical instruments.

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LOL, love this blog title. :-)

Maybe I'll come in and listen on my day off!

Hope to see you there -- I'm coming down for it!

Makes me wish I was working Sunday.

Thank you for reflecting rich musical diversity. I really enjoy Sundays at the Central Library.

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