Digital Magazines Available at DPL - Now Easier to Use

Zinio digital Magazines

Zinio for libraries offers full digital copies of your favorite magazines to view on your computer or mobile device. We have subscriptions to over 200 popular and specialty magazines. Your DPL library card will give you unlimited access to this entire collection. Best of all, titles do not have to be returned and do not expire.

Zinio for downloadable magazines is much easier!

Effective Tuesday March 10, 2015, you only need to create one account to sign in and check out digital magazines.

1. One Account – New users will only need to create a SINGLE account to checkout and read magazines. A separate account for is no longer necessary.

2. HTML5 Viewer for PC/Mac – Allows you to read magazines from a web browser (NO need to download the Zinio Reader software or app)

  • Compatible with PC – IE10+, Chrome and Firefox
  • Compatible with Mac – Safari, Chrome and Firefox

3. NEW Zinio for Libraries READ ONLY Apps – Log in with your existing library credentials, download and read magazines off-line. This new app will only show the magazines you've checked out from the library.

* Coming soon for iPhone and Kindle Fire HD/HDX devices

4. If you are a power user who also subscribes to Zinio magazines on your own, you may continue to use the app. Use the Zinio app to manage magazines you purchased and magazines you checked out from the library together in one place. apps will continue to be available for iPhone, Kindle Fire HD/HDX, Win8, PC, MAC

5. You can now manage your magazine collection from the Zinio for Libraries collection page in your browser.

6. Expanded Browse and Manage Display – you may now set your search preference to view 16, 40, 100 magazines at a time, by magazine cover or list view.

7. Help (?) icon – Help is now more visible. On Mac or PC, the tools have moved to the left side of the screen. On the Zinio for Libraries app, tools have moved to the top of the screen.


Quick start guide for first time users:

  1. Always use the Denver Public Library Zinio page ( to search or browse for magazines.
  2. Click on the magazine(s) you would like to check out. Use the quick checkout button to get the current issue. Click or tap the magazine cover to see more info and to find back issues.
  3. First time users select "Create Account." Enter your library card number then click “Validate.”
  4. Create a DPL Library Zinio account with an email address and a password.
  5. Your magazines will now be in "My Library" in your DPL Library Zinio account and will be sent to the Zinio or Zinio for Libraries app on your mobile device.
  6. To add more magazines to your Library account return to

View the complete user guide.

Zinio for Libraries Apps are available for:

Zinio Apps are available for the following devices:

  • PC (Optional for offline reading)
  • Mac (Optional for offline reading)
  • iPhone (For all iPhone users; Zinio for Libraries app coming soon)
  • iPad (For power users with their own paid Zinio subscriptions)
  • Android (For power users who have their own paid Zinio subscriptions)
  • Kindle Fire (For all Kindle Fire users; Zinio for Libraries app coming soon)
  • Blackberry Playbook

Step-by-step instructions for Zinio on Desktop (PDF)
Step-by-step instructions for Zinio on Tablets (PDF)


Hi Lee,
Please fill out our technical assistance form and a staff member should be able to help you.

After we're done reading a downloaded magazine, how do we return it?

There's no need to return the magazine, you can keep it as long as you like on your computer or device. If you want to remove it you can edit your reading list and delete it from your account.

This is an amazing service! Thank you DPL!

Thanks this is awesome!!!!!

Wow! Superb new service. Thanks DPL.

I don't think I'll ever go back to print magazines! I love that you can jump right to the article you want to read without flipping through page after page of ads. More fun on a tablet, but I've been reading them on my computer as well.

There are a few extra steps the first time, but your local librarian is there to help you get set-up and ready to read!

1. Is there any way to “subscribe” to get every issue of a magazine? What I’ve been doing is checking the mags several times a week and putting any new eds in my reader. Is there a way to be notified of new issues or getting them into your reader automatically?
2. Is there any way to see back issues (even just a few months back)?


Zinio doesn't send email alerts when a new issue is available. They recommend that you check the library site often.
The library does not have access to back issues at this time.

But on my Android I get news that the new one is in.

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