Did You Miss This?

If you browse the book stacks at the Central Library, chances are you'll spy a "Did you miss this?" bookmark tucked in a title. Staff periodically flag a book that may have fallen off your reading radar. Who knows? You may discover a new, favorite title!

Come, My Little Angel by Diane Nobel
A slim novella tells the story of 10 year old Daisy who is praying for a miracle in the High Sierras. If you like the series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, this story may be for you!

The Delta Sisters by Kayla Perrin is a romantic suspense tale set in the African-American community of New Orleans. Three generations of women led by Sylvia Grayson come to terms with their choices and secrets, all while a murderer lays in wait.

The Givenchy Code by Julie Kenner combines chic-lit fun and intrigue. Melanie Prescott is struggling to finish her dissertation on codes and ciphers when a stranger begins dragging her into secrets not unlike the Da Vinci Code. And just who is that tall dark stranger, Matthew Stryker?

Bronze Mirror by Jeanne Larsen is a historical fiction novel set in 12th-century China. After her family's fortunes have changed due to war and plunder, Pomegranate is ushered into the service of a wealthy family. Three linking realms, including dueling Goddesses in a storytelling competition, reveal Pomegranate's destiny is not her own.

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Written by Laurie. on December 17, 2013


extra medium on December 17, 2013


My favorite 2013 under the radar book is The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord

A major disaster has hit the Sadiri homeworld caused by an unprovoked attack by their enemies leaving the survivors reeling and without any kind of home. Delarua is saddled with the task of helping Dllenahkh, a Sadiri diplomat trying to find compatible people with whom the Sadiri can rebuild their lives. You would think that this book would be another bummer post-apocalyptic book but it’s not. Narrated by Delaura who is impulsive, irreverent, and whip smart, you journey around Cygnus Beta with a team of scientists studying the various people and cultures. The examination of social structures and how one planet came to be home to so many different cultures really give this book a richness that is wonderful to behold. Lord’s storytelling lush, the pacing is really quite lovely, and her characters are interesting and nuanced. I loved this book.

Laurie. on December 18, 2013


Thanks for sharing your find. I had no idea there were post-apocalyptic reads that aren't "bummers." I need a non-bummer list of books :)

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