Denver Public Library to increase hours by 40% in 2013

Thank you to everyone who voted YES on ballot measure 2A, which "de-Bruces" the city's budget, and raises $68 million by allowing the city to keep revenue it already collects but currently has to refund, without raising tax rates or fees. The $68 million will be used to improve police and fire protection, repair city streets and increase library hours.

What you can expect at the Denver Public Library upon final approval of the 2013 budget:

  • All branches will be open a minimum of 48 hours per week.
  • All branches will have two evening hours (with the exception of Westwood Branch, which will be open Saturday plus the same weekday hours as the Westwood Community Center, where it is located).
  • Central will be open 56 hours per week with Saturday morning hours restored.
  • Weekend hours will be added at several branches.
  • We will be increasing our staffing level including a combination of increased hours for current part-time staff and hiring for new positions. Job openings will be posted on our website once the 2013 budget is approved by City Council.
  • The new hours will be phased in beginning in January 2013, as it will take some time to hire the needed staff. We estimate that all locations will be operating with their new hours 3-4 months after we can begin the hiring process.

We are thrilled that 2A allows us to open our doors more to better serve our customers. We also are aware that the hours expansion will increase our need for funds for technology, programs, and collections, not covered under 2A. As such, we will continue to pursue private and public funds to close this gap.

Stay tuned for more information about the expansion of library hours and what you can expect at your neighborhood branch.

Written by Shirley Amore on November 9, 2012



Thanks for your note. As part of our 2012 budget planning process we had to make some difficult decisions. We analyzed costs and use of our music CD collection as well as Freegal. Based on that analysis we made the decision to eliminate Freegal. We continue to have a limited budget to purchase music for the Library and we try to use it in a way that will satisfy as many customers as possible. Our music CDs are used by a wider customer base and their use actually increased in 2011 and remained steady in 2012. The music choices were also very limited with Freegal; we had expected the options to grow over time.

We continue to look for cost effective and customer friendly ways to provide downloadable content for our customers. Stay tuned for some exciting developments with downloadable ebooks and also magazines!

Thanks for your support.


re: Budget issues

I'd like to draw your attention to an incident that happened 10/12/13. I was ejected from the main library due to (as per the security guards) "inappropriate and offensive attire that showed my buttocks".
As a *taxpaying* citizen and student with a legal major I found the entire public display not only ignorant but uncalled for.
First of all, there is no dress code posted for the library, I looked. Secondly, I was dressed entirely appropriately for my next activity on my agenda, which was my workout (I ran 2.6 miles and did 200 crunches). In the event you are wondering exactly what I was wearing, it was a lycra bodysuit with a tennis skirt on top. There were at least 3 layers of lycra between my genitals and the viewpoint of the "older people and children" who might have been looking at my totally average female figure.
Thirdly, to even have this type of attempted intimidation and public display in a democracy is uncalled for. It goes right up there with the recently overheard comments regarding forced searches of all luggage, yet another policy that would fly right into the face of the bill of rights.
Lastly, I'm sure Denver's parents are entirely capable of inculcating body image issues and inappropriate shame into their children's psyche without the "assistance" of your hired gestapo. And, older people have seen thighs before I'm sure, even if only their own.
My recommendation regarding this issue, if your security people don't have anything better to do than fabricate incidents with *taxpaying* patrons, you could probably save the monies paid out in salaries and eliminate those positions. Maybe you could forward the monies to the federal government. I'm sure they could use it.
How dare you!

Great on January 18, 2013


Please bring back Saturday and Sunday morning hours at Central library. My kids love going to the library on weekend mornings.

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