Denver Public Library to increase hours by 40% in 2013

Denver Public Library

Thank you to everyone who voted YES on ballot measure 2A, which "de-Bruces" the city's budget, and raises $68 million by allowing the city to keep revenue it already collects but currently has to refund, without raising tax rates or fees. The $68 million will be used to improve police and fire protection, repair city streets and increase library hours.

What you can expect at the Denver Public Library upon final approval of the 2013 budget:

  • All branches will be open a minimum of 48 hours per week.
  • All branches will have two evening hours (with the exception of Westwood Branch, which will be open Saturday plus the same weekday hours as the Westwood Community Center, where it is located).
  • Central will be open 56 hours per week with Saturday morning hours restored.
  • Weekend hours will be added at several branches.
  • We will be increasing our staffing level including a combination of increased hours for current part-time staff and hiring for new positions. Job openings will be posted on our website once the 2013 budget is approved by City Council.
  • The new hours will be phased in beginning in January 2013, as it will take some time to hire the needed staff. We estimate that all locations will be operating with their new hours 3-4 months after we can begin the hiring process.

We are thrilled that 2A allows us to open our doors more to better serve our customers. We also are aware that the hours expansion will increase our need for funds for technology, programs, and collections, not covered under 2A. As such, we will continue to pursue private and public funds to close this gap.

Stay tuned for more information about the expansion of library hours and what you can expect at your neighborhood branch.


this library needs more hours because so many people need its resources. i would like to see them do a campaign to encourage people to donate their books to the library to help save more money.

i wish they would put a donation box by registration where people could drop coins in to help the library financially to show how much we appreciate this branch.

maybe even charge a 10.oo a year membership fee to help


I'm so thrilled that library hours will start coming back! DPL is a great resource for the community!

I'm thrilled to hear that bringing back Prospector is a goal too, I miss this fantastic resource.

More library! I love it!! What a great library we have folks!!! I feel so lucky, and it is probably the #1 reason I love living in Denver this library. Be proud you guys your probably one of the few municipal functions that strives so hard to get better all the time!

I second the motion on Prospector. The current limits on patron use of interlibrary loans and purchase requests are ridiculous.

Bring back Prospector.

We are working diligently with the involved vendors to restore Prospector and are making progress. We know our customers miss Prospector and will keep everyone posted on our progress. Thanks.

Its been two years!!!!


My branch is great, but my schedule only permits 2 possible days for me to go. I look forward to an extra day or so of physical access to all my holds!

Double Yea. Now if only the parking at Eugene Field could be enlarged (impossible!).

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