Dear Mondo: Could you save me a seat in your lifeboat?

Mondo Guerra

You made it into a lifeboat. Check. But now you're seated just a few feet away from Denver's fashion impresario Mondo Guerra. Quick -- what kinda small talk are you going to make with Mondo? Especially since you know the answer to, "So, how are you enjoying the trip so far?"  Here are some clever conversation starters for you.

Jot these down; you might need them if you bump into Project Runway All Stars champion Mondo Guerra at Frock Out -- Fresh City Life's Titanic-inspired fashion show extravaganza where Mondo will reprise his role as our Special Guest Judge.

1. "Hi Mondo. we've got. Vodka we need." - only use if iceberg is still in visual range.

2. "Do you find that wearing shorts during a transatlantic crossing is warm enough?"

3. "Just between you and me, I never liked Gretchen."

4. "When we get onboard the Carpathia, would you sign my (blanket, t-shirt, oar, whatever is at hand)?"

5. "Denver is so lucky to be home to a creative genius like you."

6. "Are you gonna eat that granola bar?"

Show Mondo some love at Frock Out on Thursday, April 19. All sales benefit Fresh City Life cultural programming at Denver Public Library. Tickets and info here.


Mondo, What a great success you are! Congradulation all the way around! You have made Denver and the Gay Community very proud! I hope some day I can met you...
When are they going to give Chris Loffelmacher a promotion and a raise? Does any other library in America come up with astounding events like these? I'd rather get a sold out ticket to the "Survivor's Luncheon" than a ticket to the Academy Awards!
Wow DDL, I'm flattered. Either this is my agent (and I didn't even know that I had one), or somehow my mom is on here making comments! Hehe. Thanks for the support! And I do agree, exciting things happen at Denver Public Library! BTW, DDL, did you know we are doing a Doris Day film series in June? Titled All Doris, All Day. Hope to see you there.
So excited!!!! Denver is lucky to have Chris Loffelmacher too!!! Mondo and Chris in the same room - Genius!
Awww, shucks. It's my pleasure! And thanks for the note. I'm really looking forward to Fresh City Life's big night!

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