New Tunes Tuesday - 11/25/14

Greetings avid local music devotees!
This week we have five new goodies to feed your ears on the VOLUME website!

First up, we have Slim Cessna's Auto Club. A long-time Denver music scene icon, Slim Cessna has been a part of some very notable Denver bands. His longest-lived and most popular being Slim Cessna's Auto Club. Twenty years on in the Denver music scene, SCAC has released nine albums and played their dark, gothic-tinged, traditional American music all over the planet.
'Always Say Please And Thank You' is their offering from 2000 and we are proud to now have it here for your ears to enjoy!

Next up we have Gun Street Ghost. GSG is comprised of members of other notable Denver bands of recent memory. GSG leader, Mike Perfetti, is a veteran of the scene with his time spent drumming for Ideal Fathers while guitarist/singer Daniel White is in Rowboat and Burning Girls. Bassist Michael King also did time in Ideal Fathers as well as being a current member of The Outfit, and the lovely Kim Baxter plays with Elin Palmer.
Their sound is quite a bit towards the more traditional side of country music but also contains strong alt-country/Americana influences. Their self-titled debut album is presented here for your enjoyment!

The Swayback's most recent album, 'Long Gone Lads', has found a home here on VOLUME. An audio tour-de-force, Long Gone Lads combines elements of all that is great about Rock n Roll into a coherent and tasteful album that subtly challenges the listener to expand their listening palate in order to fully appreciate what The Swayback are all about.

We also have the newest release from The Still Tide, 'Tinder'. Laden with ethereal vocals, instruments and aural environments, Tinder may harken back to artists like Mazzy Star or Cowboy Junkies, but The Still Tide set themselves apart from that crowd by infusing Jazz and some adventurous percussion and a few other elements to make the sound their own. You can also find front-person Anna Morsett in other local bands Ark Life and These United States.

Cause/Effect from Denver band Blow The Vault is a mega-dose of modern and traditional Bluegrass/Americana culled straight from the Appalachian hills of our fine country, tinged with a bit of punk spirit, and smothered with a ton of highly technical musicianship. The fiddle playing is totally mind-blowing. Cause/Effect is an excellent EP featuring the awesome talents of this fine Denver band!

Written by DWilkinson on November 25, 2014

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