darn@DAM: The Banality of Words

Fresh City Life takes our show on the road with the Denver Art Museum’s last Friday events – untitled. These wildly popular evenings are a chance to enjoy the collection of the DAM and meet new people. Untitled #57: Darn, celebrates all the meanings of that word from correcting or repairing knitted and woven items to its very unimpressive use as an expletive.

Untitled: Darn at DAM
Friday, May 31, 6-10 p.m.
Denver Art Museum, 13th Avenue at Acoma Plaza

Express yourself without exerting yourself. Fresh City Life takes the word ‘darn’ for its other meaning – a G-rated verbalization of repressed emotion. Come play with us and experiment with a Lichtenstein-esque exercise in the banality of words where ‘WOW!’ becomes ‘meh,’ ‘POW!’ becomes ‘ow,’ ‘Argh!’ turns into ‘oh’ and ‘Cowabunga!’ translates to ‘ok.’ You’ll create a cool fridge magnet that lets everyone know that you’re teetering on the brink of absolute ennui. General admission for Untitled events is $10 and the Fresh City Life station is free with admission.

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Written by Chris on May 9, 2013

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