The Ross-Broadway Seed Exchange is Ready to Help You Garden!

Why buy seeds, when you can exchange them with your library friends? We are starting the second year of our seed-exchange program at the Ross-Broadway Branch Library. Anyone who has a Denver Public Library card may participate in our program!

How it works:

  • Bring in your extra seeds: vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
  • Take out new seeds in exchange.
  • Seeds are available now.
  • No seeds to exchange yet? No problem! Come see what we already have.

What’s Available Now:

  • Vegetables: beans, broccoli, chinese mallow, cucumber, ground cherry, lettuce, melon, pepper, pumpkin, radish, squash, tomato, and more.
  • Herbs: anise, caraway, catnip, chives, dill, echinacea, and more.
  • Flowers: ageratum, alyssum, amaranth, columbine, cosmos, daisy, impatiens, marigold, phlox, poppy, scabiosa, sweet william, zinnia, and more.

Featured Selection: Pink Hollyhocks (above photo)

We have several packets of community harvested and sourced pink hollyhock seeds. Sow these seeds 1-2 weeks after last frost, in full sun. Just press them into the ground’s surface, no more than 1/4” deep. Space the seeds about 2’ apart. Hollyhocks are short-lived perennials, living only 2-3 years, but they also easily re-seed themselves.

Have a friend who is interested in gardening? Please let them know about our seed exchange!

A very special thank you goes out to Botanical Interests, in Broomfield, CO. They generously donated our initial seed selection in 2014.

Ross-Broadway Branch Library
33 E. Bayaud Avenue
Denver, CO 80209

Written by Dana F on February 19, 2015


Becky on February 19, 2015


This is awesome! Looking forward to gardening season, Broadway!

Frank on February 19, 2015


Woo hoo!! Such a great program. I just posted this to Nextdoor Baker!

Dani on February 20, 2015


So awesome!

Cheryl on February 21, 2015


Sow vs sew. Sowing is for seeds. Sewing is for clothes. :)


Thank you Cheryl for bringing that to our attention. It has been corrected.

Dana F on February 21, 2015


Cheryl, you are correct!

mpierce on January 5, 2016


Will this be happening again in 2016? Can out-dated seeds be donated? Although most seed packages have a "used best by" date, I understand that most will still germinate after their expiration. T
Thanks for doing this interesting project.

Dana F on January 5, 2016


The Seed Library is going strong at Ross-Broadway Branch Library! We welcome all seed donations, even those with an expired "use by" date. Thanks for asking!

Laura on March 16, 2016


Do you accept donated seeds from what we have collected ourselves, or should they be strictly professionally-packaged seeds?


Bring it on...we would love seeds you have collected yourself! Make sure to write on the bag or envelope what type of seed they are and if you have any planting tips for them. Thank you!

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