Fix Your Stuff and Save Your Money with DPL

You already know Denver Public Library saves you money by providing thousands of free books, audiobooks, CDs, magazines, movies, and downloadable media. Did you know we can also help you save money by helping you fix things?

Ready to fix your car or truck? We have an extensive collection of auto repair manuals, including make-and model-specific manuals. Also, with your library card you have access to the Auto Repair Reference Center database, where you can find information for more than 37,000 vehicles from 1954 to present, all regularly updated. 

We also provide access to the Small Engine Repair Reference Center, with your library card. With this database you can repair generators, motorcycles, outdoor power equipment, and more.

Want to save money on your utility bills? You can borrow a draft check meter to find costly leaks around windows and doors, and a power check meter to find out what electric devices cost to operate. (This is a good time to mention our Library of Things: free museum passes! Video projectors! GoPros!)

Need to do some bike repairs? Come down to the Central Library and use our free bike tools and air pump, located on the west side of our building and available 24 hours a day.

Wait, we haven’t yet mentioned our ideaLABs: four free community makerspaces with the tools, software, and resources to make and learn. Produce videos, create games, make music, learn about electronics, make crafts, and more, all free for everyone, no library card needed! Need a gasket for your broken coffee grinder? Maybe we can help you 3D print a new one! We also offer ideaLAB workshops and programs, such as Girls Who DIY and Fix and Mend Meetups.

Still looking for resources to fix your doohickys and whatchamacallits? Talk to our knowledgeable reference librarians and see if they can find a fix for you. For instance, did you know there’s an ultimate library of manuals for almost two million products? Wow, what a time we live in!

Ask your questions by calling 720-865-1363, or log in to AskUs!

Written by Dana F on October 26, 2017


Kenneth on October 28, 2017


I'm glad DPL staff finally taught cat(s) how to turn a screw driver!


Kenneth - You know the stereotype about library staff and cats...we are truly the crazy cat people of the world.

Anonymous on October 30, 2017


Great info! I hadn't heard about the manuals db!

GenineP on October 31, 2017


Thanks for all the fab links, Dana. Great post!

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