A Cyborg Walks Into a Saloon: The Weird West

The Weird Western may not be a genre you are overly familiar with, but because of its growing popularity and unforgettable characters I recommend hunkerin' down for a spell with a handful of books and films that are fine examples of all the Weird West has to offer.

What is the Weird West you ask? The Weird West takes all your favorite nuggets from genres such as Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy and puts in them in an American West setting (or off-world in a place very much like the American West) and tells a story in a gritty and descriptive language that propels readers through each action-packed moment.

Weird West Books:

This is just scratching the surface at all the library has to offer in the Weird West genre, be sure to view the Weird West Booklists by Topic for more exciting genre-bending reads.

Weird West in Movies and TV:

If you love the Weird Western and are heading to Comic Con May 31-June 2 be sure to check out the Weird West panel discussion featuring items listed here and more! This is just one of many panels presented for your enjoyment, including Steampunk, The Apocalypse, The Evolution of the Superhero, Powerful Women (Now with Clothes!), and Queer Heroes Among Us! Be sure to join us for the Steampunk Film Series too!

Please share with us (both here in the comments and during the panel) what your favorite Weird West books and films are!

Written by Tara on May 28, 2013


Anonymous on May 28, 2013


I really enjoyed Dead Reckoning, it also harkened back to Dead in the West by Joe R Lansdale, both great weird west reads!

Anonymous on May 29, 2013


Absolutely love Westworld one of my favorite creepy movies of all time. What about American Gothic TV show with the weird sheriff? Another of my all time favorites!

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