Curiosities and Wonders

Thanksgiving Bread Basket

It's no secret the holidays can challenge even the most harmonious family relationships. Someone, somewhere, will be uttering "less is more" while dodging a dinner roll. Table conversations can escalate faster than a Facebook firestorm. Knowing how to navigate discussions around dueling politics or between divided sports fans is a prized holiday survival skill. 

So how can you keep the holiday sparkle alive and the goodwill flowing? Think trivia! Curiosities and wonders appeal to all ages. Ensure a harmonious (and educational) meal with the people you love most by taking one of these books to your next family gathering.

The Library also has a variety of family friendly films to keep the unity alive until the tryptophan kicks in; yet another reminder that gratitude, like the diversity of family DNA, comes in many forms. Happy Holidays!


Thank you! I hope your holidays are full of love and light.

Fun post and actually a really great idea. Thanks!

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