Hispanic Heritage Month: Discover Who You Are

by Xvante Fitzhugh, a Digital Navigator with the Digital Inclusion Department

It's Hispanic Heritage Month! While we're all getting back into the school and work routine, this is a time to celebrate and remember the vibrant, diverse Hispanic cultures. It's also a great time to start to discover who you are. Your racial identity is part of who you are, and it helps you connect with your roots and feel proud of where you come from. It can be scary to be different from those around you, but being proud of your heritage and where you come from is important, even though it can sometimes be challenging. We should not let fear stop us, especially when free resources and guides are available to help us discover the history that may have been forgotten.

When I started Kindergarten, I was introduced to a group of new kids. I noticed my parents looked different from other kids' parents. I later learned it was because I come from a mixed family, which means my parents were of two different races, which then led me to discover that I am two races or biracial. At first, I was confused, but then, I realized it's amazing to be part of two different families. I was filled with pride and curiosity. I wanted to know more about my culture and family history. I started writing down my thoughts and questions, which led me down a path of wanting to discover my racial identity. Writing helped me find my voice and express how my Black & Mexican cultures influenced me.

If you're ever curious about your family history and want to learn more about your racial identity, many resources are available to help you. One way to start is by writing down your thoughts and questions to help you explore your feelings and express your cultural influences. Self-expression can be a great way to start your journey of self-discovery. You can also attend local programs that explore and celebrate different cultures or use library resources to research your family history.

The Denver Public Library is a treasure trove of information and resources that can help you learn more about the diverse communities in Denver that helped shape this city into what it is today. The library has books written by authors who use their experiences and perspectives to create vibrant and diverse worlds. Books inspire readers to feel they can conquer challenges or become heroes in inclusive settings.

The Cultural Inclusivity Department at the Denver Public Library organizes events year-round to celebrate underrepresented communities and their cultures. Check out the events calendar to learn more about the programs going on for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Plaza is another excellent resource at the library! This program helps individuals who are new to the Denver community. They have a team of dedicated staff members who speak various languages, including Spanish, and can connect you to the resources you need. I want to emphasize that the library is a safe and welcoming space for everyone. So, if you require assistance with anything, including learning basic computer skills, please don't hesitate to ask.

Speaking of basic computer skills. If you need assistance navigating the web in your search for knowledge, the Denver Public Library has digital navigators that work with people who want or need to learn basic computer skills. Book an appointment, and they’ll work with you one-on-one to improve your technology skills so you can surf the web safely.

Visit the Denver Public Library to learn new things! It has many resources that can help you. The library celebrates different cultures and organizes events for everyone. Remember, you belong wherever you want to be! Have a great day!

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