Lunar New Year 2022 - The Year of the Tiger

Lunar New Year begins on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. 

The date of this celebration changes each year, based on traditional lunar calendars from China and other cultures, and may fall anywhere between January 21 and February 20. 

It is celebrated in several nations, including China, Korea, Mongolia, and Vietnam. It is also celebrated all over the world by people who share this cultural heritage. More than 20% percent of the world’s population celebrates at this time!

People from different cultures celebrate Lunar New Year in different ways. Some common themes are honoring ancestors, preparing special foods, cleaning and decorating the house, and giving gifts.

We are also celebrating at the library! Check out our videos online: 

Lunar New Year Storytime with Rinh and Mai Mai

Make a Hong Bao (Red Envelope) for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year Greeting in Mandarin

Join our 5 part cultural virtual workshop series on Chinese culture and the Mandarin language:

Chinese New Year' Eve Workshop - Tuesday, Feb 1 at 4:15 PM

Language Workshop - Tuesday, Feb 8 at 4:15 PM

Spring Festival Workshop - Tuesday, Feb 15 at 4:15 PM 

Language Workshop - Tuesday, Feb 22 at 4:15 PM

Zodiac Workshop - Tuesday Mar 1 at 4:15 PM

And visit one of our participating branches to learn more about Lunar New Year with crafts, coloring activities, scavenger hunts and prizes!

Central Branch Library

Eugene Field Branch Library

Ford-Warren Branch Library

Hadley Branch Library

Hampden Branch Library

Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales Branch Library

Ross-Barnum Branch Library

Ross-University Hills Branch Library

Schlessman Family Branch Library

Virginia Village Branch Library 

To learn more, please see our infographic (available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese), and head over to Read, Play, Learn for a list of great books!

Written by Amma R. on January 25, 2022