Celebrate Pride Month with DPL

Denver Public Library offers welcoming spaces where all are free to explore and connect, including everyone of any sexual orientation or gender identity. While Pride month commemorates the historic Stonewall Riots, it also celebrates the self-affirmation, dignity, equity, and visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Here are just a couple of ways you can celebrate Pride with us this month and any day year round:

Staff Recommendations

Check out hundreds of books, films, and musicians recommended by our very own staff for LGBTQIA+ representation and interests. We’ve even pulled together very special resources for children and teens on our Read Play Learn and Evolver sites.

Update Your Library Account

Want to update or any information on your Library account?  If your contact info has changed, you've moved or if you go by a name different from that listed on your ID, let us know on your next visit to one of our locations. 

Engage! Magazine

Browse upcoming events and programs for Pride month as well as specially curated articles and recommendations written by LGBTQIA+ staff in this month’s issue of Engage! magazine.

Written by dbrooks on June 3, 2021