Craft and Learn with FCL My Branch!

We have some interesting, fun and creative programs for this weekend. Join us for crafts, movies and more!

If you love to create and make crafts for your home be sure to check out our craft program at the Bear Valley Branch Library. Learn the art of fused glass and make a set of colorful wine glass charms with Ceramics in the City Friday, November 1, 3p.m.

Get ready for the Denver Center Theatre Company performance of Jackie & Me through a participatory workshop designed to introduce the characters and to explore the themes of the play and novel. Join us on Tuesday, November 2, 1:30 p.m. at Sam Gary for this free discussion. For adults and children in grades 4 through 12. Limited space, registration required.

Join us at the Schlessman Family Branch to hear Lori Holden speak about her book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping Your Child Grow Up Whole on Sunday, November 3 at 2 p.m.

Adoption creates a split between a person's biology and her biography. Openness is an effective way to heal that split. With November being National Adoption Awareness Month, the author will talk about her book, which helps normalize open adoption, both for parents who are adopting a child and for parents who are placing a child for adoption. Holden shares tips on bringing openness to these relationships and helping children at the center of adoptions become whole as they grow up.

Do you love discussing movies with your friends? If so, be sure to come to Schlessman Family Branch on Monday, November 4, at 5:30 p.m. Join Howie Movshovitz for a viewing and discussion of the 1945 film, I Know Where I’m Going!

Written by Susan on October 31, 2013

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