Community Art Show at the Montbello Library

I bought my first piece of art ever last Saturday. I'm not trying to boast here, but it was a signed original, a one-of-a-kind, handmade masterpiece, and a prize-winner, to boot! Be warned, though: when buying art from first graders, don't be fooled by the adorable, childlike innocence-those little ones have a sharp eye for business. You can come visit my new art piece at the Montbello Library, where it is proudly displayed by the public computers. Look for the watercolor of a fox, a boy saying "Gross!" and the attached story: "I will not eat green eggs and ham with a fox because the fox might eat all of it."

Perhaps you're wondering how I found my artist and his adorable painting. Friends, I found him right here in the library! On Saturday, May 3rd, the Montbello Library was host to a community art show. Students from the neighborhood schools filled our library with ceramics, sculptures, paintings, photographs, and origami. Customers were able to vote for their favorites, and after the ballots were counted, we had a ceremony honoring the winners. There was also face-painting, an origami table, hula-hooping, and horseshoes in the park next door. It was a party and a half, folks!

This weekend's art show marks the beginning of a special collaboration for the Montbello Library and area schools. Every month, students from different classes will provide art for our walls. Come on in and and check out the work of a very talented group of kids! Or, if you're interested in making your own art, check out our events calendar. Our Plaza programming, designed especially for new immigrants and their families, offers a rich variety of arts-based programs and activities.  We have regular workshops in our Plazas that are led by the Art Students League of Denver, as well as arts and crafts for children. Let's make something together!

Special thanks to our shelver, Victoria Forn, for the beautiful photography!

Written by Shanna on May 5, 2014


Mary K on May 6, 2014


What wonderful art these young people have created! I'm kinda partial to that crocodile - I think he'd make a lovely addition to my living room! Well done, Montbello staff and young patrons!

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