Coming Attractions: United State of Food

Our favorite Chef, Shellie Kark, of KitchenCUE, will talk about the up-to-the-minute news about your food supply and share tips for making the best choices for healthy eating. 

We are leaving out talk of table manners and etiquette, in this three-part series about rolling up your sleeves, tucking in your napkin and taking your food supply into your own hands. You can stop being spoon fed information that someone else chooses for you to consume -- and educate yourself on what is coming to your table. Chef Shellie will help. We're also giving away a set of lunch boxes from The Container Store to one registered audience member!

How to Eat Food
Saturday, July 13, 10:30 a.m.-Noon
Central Library, Level B2 Conference Center
Registration Required

We’re all pretty savvy – do we really need coaching on how to eat? The standard American diet (SAD), level of poor nutrition, chronic health conditions and the U.S. epidemic of obesity would suggest that we don’t know how to eat at all. From chemicals to pesticides to GMOs (genetically modified foods) there is a lack of transparency and knowledge about what we call “food.” Chef Shellie, founder of KitchenCUE, will educate us on the evolution of our “food system,” how it is supported, how it largely fails in providing our basic nutritional needs and how to vote to change it! We have the power…we just need enlightenment on how to implement it. Ultimately, the foods we eat, their nutritional density and the health of our food system are driven by one thing: the way in which we, as consumers, vote for our food choices with our forks every day. Shellie will provide recipes and samples of her delicious smoothie with nutrient dense greens, electrolyte-filled coconut water, healing spices and fresh fruits. Seating is limited, please register online or call 720-865-1206.

Written by Chris on July 5, 2013


Anonymous on July 8, 2013


The food lectures at the DPL are so good. Does DPL ever record them on DVDs for sale to the general public? Please let us know. Thank you.

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