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Marian McPartland once noted, "The Key of D is daffodil yellow, B major is maroon, and B flat is blue." The beloved jazz pianist and host of NPR's Piano Jazz for over 30 years has left the recording studio, after sharing a rainbow of musical journeys with fellow artists.

If you are new to jazz or want to pay tribute to McPartland and her musical family, visit NPR's tribute Twilight World. McPartland interviewed her guests with the language of music, co-creating unique musical experiences. She had a gift for drawing musicians out, and the intimacy of their conversations drew listeners in. 

If you are a pianist, check out Portraits, a compilation of compositions originally improvised during radio broadcasts from 1979-1998. McPartland's book, All In Good Time, introduces you to several of her favorite jazz musicians including the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, an all-female jazz band. If you want to hear more of McPartland's music, visit the Library's streaming music databases for performances and interviews. 

As a fan, I want to pay tribute so this weekend, I am creating the brightest floral bouquet and making time for jazz. Thank you, Marian McPartland, for colouring my world with music.

Written by Laurie. on August 22, 2013


ChrisL on August 22, 2013


A nice tribute to a wonderful artist. Thanks Laurie!

CathyJ on August 24, 2013


I loved her show on NPR -- the casual interview style interspersed with duets and improv -- so much ease and talent. Thanks for the remembrance, Laurie.

Laurie. on August 27, 2013


Thanks for the feedback. I forgot to mention an informative biography written by Paul De Barros - Shall We Play That Together? De Barros is very knowledgeable about jazz and currently covers jazz and world music for the Seattle Times.

Anonymous on September 13, 2013


She makes the drive to or from work very enjoyable

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