The Nostalgia of B-Movies

Awwwww that classic B-Movie and all of its glorious footage.

Picture it now: the suspense, the "run for your life!" screams, movie posters, and let's not forget the stars of the film: the monsters. Whether in black and white or re-mastered in HI-DEF, I can attest to the fact that these films are out of this world. Admit it. At one point in your life, you saw one of these films and it probably left an imprint in your mind because of how good it was. I mean, what's better than The Blob (1958) or The Thing from Another World (1951)? Besides other B-Movie films.

The nostalgia reasons.

1. Movie posters are synonymous with this genre because of all the colors, characters, effects, and expressions on the poster. They're eye-catching and nothing short of amazing; they not only catch your attention, but they also tell a story. For example, The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) movie poster has a creature holding a screaming woman underwater while others try and save her, while others are taking steps to find her. This poster captures everything about this film, but at the same time leaves the curiosity high. People find themselves wondering what the heck happened. The posters, in my opinion, are a very important part of a B-Movie's existence because without the vivid imagery on the poster, we as movie goers would probably not be as intrigued to watch the movie.

2. The films' concepts are simple, yet they strike our very imaginations. We begin asking ourselves: "could the film's events really happen?" For example, "Can giant ants take over the world?" "Is there really a Creature of the Black Lagoon?" "Are their really aliens waiting to take over the world?" Think about it. Maybe it can happen. Maybe there's a secret laboratory making giant ants, creatures, etc.... If you start to think like this, it's probably because these films are making you question reality and are leading you to believe, that what is happening in these films could really happen in real life.

3. The B-Movie film genre can be very cheesy, but that's ok. I mean, come on. What's more classic then a damsel in distress, aliens, monsters, and the threat of the entire world being destroyed? These themes have been around since the beginning of the film industry, for good reason, because it makes for dam good footage.

4. The special effects in these films are not computer generated and no CGI animation can be found. It's just a guy in a rubber suit, stop motion, great camera angles and make-up. Every effect is done in real life, in real time, and the actors have to really act while doing whatever effect. To me, it adds a sense of realism and more of a complete experience knowing that the special effects were done by a live human being. For example, you're getting goose bumps, feeling your heart beat faster, and letting the suspense get to you because you really think that the vampire from Nosferatu (1922) is lurking in the shadows ready to feast on your blood.

These films are pure Americana and honestly I'm not sure where the film world would be without this genre.

If you have not had a chance to see any of these Classic B-Movies, please do. If you would like to watch them again, look no further.


The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Blob



Piranha (1978)

The Return of the Living Dead

The Valley of Gwangi

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

Mr. Sardonicus

It Came From Beneath the Sea

The Toxic Avenger 

If you have a favorite B-Movie or want to share something from these films that really stood out to you, please leave a comment! We would love to hear your stories and memories.

Written by Eazy on June 18, 2014


Anonymous on June 19, 2014


Cammpy "B" cool. I go out of my way to watch "B" movies. It is my drive-in upbringing to blame. They use to scare the witts out of me. Love them.

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