Rollin', Rollin': The Tiny Wheels Keep On Turnin'

Nostalgia is sometimes the thing that keeps us facing forward and laughing at the bad times. It helps us remember gentler days -- even if they are being 'viewed' through rose-colored glasses. For many of us, two things hearken back to our distant or not too distant youth: Roller rink parties and the ubiquitous school supply artwork of Lisa Frank. This Friday night the cultural alchemists at EXDO Event Center are stirring those two things into a strong brew. Join Denver Public Library for Roll, a skate extravaganza honoring the psychedelic, humorous work of Lisa Frank. 

Roll, the monthly skating party at the EXDO event center has quickly become a nightlife staple in Denver. This month, Roll pays tribute to a daytime staple -- Lisa Frank, the designer of all our 90s pencil cases, trapper keepers and spiral notebooks. Denver Public Library joins the party with a carnival booth game -- skaters can win trinkets and plush toys that even Lisa Frank would approve. Game play is free. Tickets and more info at

Written by Chris on April 20, 2017

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