Cherry Creek: One Branch One Story

I guess if I were making a recipe for summer fun, I would take one tall dude, the book Monkey Ono, three silly librarians, stir all together, and voila…Story Time Extravaganza!

You might be able to substitute the silly librarians and possibly Monkey Ono for another title…but there is no substitute for Mark Randall of the Denver Nuggets Community Ambassador program.

I think every librarian has had that sinking feeling when a celebrity offers to read to kids…will she be funny?...will he read slowly enough?...what if she forgets to show the pictures! All of us have had those thoughts because we believe no one can read a story quite like we can. Mark WAS Monkey Ono and all the kids were along for the ride as Monkey Ono’s best laid plans to get to the beach just kept going wrong. In a booming voice Mark would yell…BEACH DAY!! and all of us would laugh and jump.

The best thing about having Mark here was not because he was a Denver Nugget but because he was another adult excited about reading. One tiny little girl in the audience got so wrapped up in the book, she stood right next to Mark and watched enthralled as Monkey Ono failed again to get to the beach. Yes, her mom could have guided her back to her seat. Yes, Mark could have said…go sit down so everyone can see…but it was perfect because she was really, really focused on this book. Her mom told me later that this was the first time her daughter had ever sat through a book.

All summer long, adults…parents and non-parents alike…told me stories about their summer reading adventures. It made me remember my mother taking me to Central to sign up for summer reading and how proud I felt when I finished. One mom told me she had grown up at the Cherry Creek branch, and she was so excited her children were signing up for SOR just like she had.

While Creek surpassed the SOR numbers from last year, I was more enthralled by our parents, grandparents and kids who definitely had strong opinions about what summer reading meant to them. But my best overall lasting story was the boy who asked if he could keep his SOR booklet because his older sister had drawn a picture on the back…and there was a crayon drawing of him reading to their dog. Best. Ever.

Story submitted by Carol, Librarian at the Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library.

Written by stacey on August 23, 2013

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