Challenge Accepted!

Have you noticed all the great new reviews available on the library's website? We have over 1161  new reviews in a variety of genres ready and waiting to delight our customers.

Staff at the Denver Public Library recently underwent a Reading Challenge that dared them to read 16 books in a variety of genres and write reviews of them to share with customers. We are proud to say that we had 48 staff complete the challenge!

One of the many reasons we devised this challenge was to provide an increase in high-quality, diverse reviews of the vast library collection available at your fingertips. This is simply one more way of constantly striving to find better ways to serve our customers.

Some of my favorite discoveries have included:

Which review(s) surprised and delighted you? Were you surprised by any ratings that you saw? Have our reviews helped you to discover any items?

Written by Tara on March 17, 2014

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