The Cat That Heard an S.O.S.

Sometimes, when you need a helping hand, a helping paw presents itself.

The Fresh City Life office is buzzing with preparations for our big 2012 fashion event -- Frock Out. Our friend Ann Myhre, who teaches fibers workshops at Fresh City Life, and owns the cool yarn and fabric store Knitty Cat in Centennial, has been helping with many aspects of the runway show. Most importantly, Ann has been consulting with all of our designers -- as our Tim Gunn -- making design suggestions and cheering our designers on. She's also been creating a chic accessory for each designer to use as an outfit embellishment. Ann is truly a friend to Fresh City Life.

And Ann seems to be the kind'f cat who knows when someone is in trouble. Fresh City Life was casting about for a donation to round out our Designer's prize packages and we'd just about given up hope when unprompted Ann asked me if she could make a financial donation to Frock Out! Ann's generous donation will help to make the efforts of our designers worthwhile -- and it came to us like drops of water on the desert!

We'll be thanking Ann and Knitty Cat in a more public way at Frock Out -- along with other product and service donors. But I wanted to say a special thank you to Ann for the energy, enthusiasm and joy she has shared during the creation of this event. When you are in her neighborhood, stop and thank the Knitty Cat for being our champion! And come to see the fruits of our labor on Thursday, April 19.


Written by Chris on April 10, 2012

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