In Case Of Emergency, Eat This Book

I recently received Dr. Kessler's book, The End Of Overeating, in the mail. It was from my friend Mary, and included a sweet, heartfelt note that read, "In the event of an emergency, eat this book." Ahh, friends. So far, it's delicious.

Truthfully, Mary and I are both fighting a battle of the bulge. She is my cheerleader and I am hers. Last year, when Dr. Joel Fuhrman visited The Denver Public Library, I had the doctor sign a copy of his book Eat To Live for Mary and I mailed it to her for inspiration. 

I've been working Fuhrman's program for a little under a year and I've lost 80 pounds so far. I've got a long way to go and after straying from the program over the holidays, Mary decided to bolster my wavering commitment with Dr. Kessler's book. It is a fascinating read -- exploring the nature of why we overeat and the science and marketing employed to encourage our eating patterns. When it comes to eating well and making good food choices, I'll take support from all directions! 

Dr. Fuhrman's newest book, The End of Diabetes, is geared toward arresting and reversing adult onset diabetes. He's a man on a mission and when you read his books or see him interviewed, his compassion, spirit and motivation are contagious. 

In the same vein of these two books, is Rip Esselstyn's Engine 2 Diet -- a whole food, plant-based approach to healthful eating. He has a new book, My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Arguement for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet, coming out in May and here at the library, we're hopeful that we can host Rip for an author event soon. 

I have a snapshot of myself from May 18, 2012 -- taken expressly as a (hopeful) before picture. Would you like a May 18, 2013 posting to show my progress?

Until then, I wish joyful and healthful eating to all of us!


Written by Chris on March 8, 2013


angela on March 8, 2013


Congratulations, that's a great accomplishment! I'd love to see a before & after in May.

Anonymous on March 8, 2013


Wow, Chris. What a huge accomplishment. And thank you for sharing it with readers of this blog and website. Very inspiring.

Leigh Ann on March 11, 2013


Thank you for an inspiring account of your progress, Chris! And all the titles you've listed sound fantastic, too! I've found, the less sugar I eat, the less I crave it (same can be said about red meat!).

It's a challenge to stay with a healthy eating regimen and one can fall off the wagon, but everyday is a new day & never too late to begin again...


Dr. Fuhrman stresses these very points....that it is never too late, and how you ate yesterday should not ruin your day today. Many thanks for your note, Leigh Ann!

lauriek on March 12, 2013


I always enjoy your writing, Chris, and your healthy eating posts have been so inspiring. I would love before and after photos too!


Hi Laurie,
Thanks for the note and the encouragement. OK, I'm getting ready for my close up.....a side-by-side posting of me in May 2012 and May 2013. Thanks again,

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