To All The Trees I've Loved Before

I love trees. I am calmed by awe when they tower over me. As a child, I climbed them and bragged to everyone I knew (all 7 of them) that the air we breathed came from trees. Teenage me lurked beneath them, and I am proud to say that I have never carved anything into a tree.

Now I sleep in treehouses internationally (Washington State and Scotland) like a Boss, and hug them with gusto (as pictured) in Canada. My favorite song is Plant Trees from local band La Pompe Jazz (available to stream and download on Volume). I seriously, and with passionate abandon, love trees.

I am also a librarian, every day surrounded by books, with a keen eye for a good read.

So know when say these books about trees are worth the slain trees they are printed on and a few hours attention, I mean it. Best read under your favorite tree.

Written by Tara on October 10, 2018


Kathleen on October 12, 2018


This is the best post ever.


This is lovely - an affirmation of love. My grandfather was a tree farmer (by way of being a 'conservation conscious farmer') beginning in the 1930's - long story. Perhaps I became a lover of trees because of his labors but had I been born several millenia ago in the British Isles I would probably have been an ancient herbalist who lived in the forest alone with the trees.

Laura Strand on October 16, 2018


What a great post! You should definitely add Overstory by Richard Powers to this list. It's fiction but the main character are trees.

Vicki Hellmer on October 16, 2018


Thanks for this list, Tara! I would add Urban Forests: A Natural History of Trees and People in the American Cityscape, by Jill Jonnes.

DEBORAH E BROWN on October 17, 2018


Wonderful! Thank you!

Leigh on October 17, 2018


Love your post about trees--I love them, too! It is amazing (and inspiring) thinking how trees have survived against incredible odds (my favorite is the grand old oak tree that survived Hurricane Katrina) and so many others! Wow! really makes one humble...