Western Fiction - The Core Collection

Ride em’ cowboys! Git along little dogies! Is this your idea of western fiction?  There’s much more to the story than that. The Western Fiction Core Collection Selection Committee recently came up with a list of 21 titles that we felt were significant to the genre. The titles range from the well-known Hondo by Louis L’Amour to the more contemporary The Son by Philipp Meyer.

Westerns aren't always about cowboys or conquering the West.  Read Paulette Jiles’ News of the World for the fascinating tale of a traveling man who must return a young girl to her family after she has been living with the Kiowa. Or maybe you want something closer to home – never read James Michener’s Centennial? Michener did some of his research in the Western History/Genealogy Dept. and sets the tale in Colorado.

Want something a little more contemporary? Try Percival Everett’s Half an Inch of Water or Annie Proulx’s Close Range which contains the story “Brokeback Mountain” which was adapted to become an award-winning movie. Want more? See the complete list of the Western Fiction Core Collection.

There’s still more -  Take a look at the other core collections: Adult Horror and Poetry plus Children’s Beginning Readers and Poetry.  New core collections will be coming in the future. 

Written by lisab on February 11, 2019