Reimagine a Favorite Book's Look for Social Distanzine: Winter of Reading Edition

Have you noticed all those eye-catching new editions of The Great Gatsby on bookstore shelves these days? What about these graphic novel adaptations? Or the prequel? Since the classic entered the public domain at the turn of the new year, writers, illustrators, designers and publishers everywhere now have free rein to reimagine and repackage the title at will. And we’re inviting you to try your hand at the same, with a book of your choice!

Denver Public Library’s Social Distanzine always welcomes your submissions, whatever the medium or topic, but this Winter of Reading season we’re especially excited to see your imaginations run wild with this prompt:

Reimagine the cover of a book that means a lot to you right now, and submit your work to DPL’s Social Distanzine Winter of Reading edition.

Whether you draw, paint, photograph, collage, woodblock or describe your redesign via poetry or prose, we’re eager to share your work with the DPL community in our zine. Submit your masterpiece here and we may feature it in an upcoming issue.

With just under three weeks to go until Winter of Reading 2021 comes to a close, sign up online today or swing by during curbside hours to pick up a good old-fashioned brochure!

Written by Lainie on February 8, 2021