It’s Like a Party in My Mouth! Pairing Wine and Food

Even if you’re just getting started on upping your wine game, you probably know a few basic guidelines, like red wine with red meat, and white wine with chicken and fish. That said, as you get more familiar with different wines, you’ll become confident and can experiment with breaking the rules! 

Did you know that Colorado has over 150 wineries, with a 1,000 plus acres devoted to wine grapes? To get a taste of what the state has to offer, dive into Winelands of Colorado by Marc Hoberman and Christina Holbrook. This oversized beauty is full of amazing photography and is a good place to start if you’d like to start exploring Colorado’s very own wine country.

One thing you need to know - Wine Isn’t Rocket Science! Subtitled A Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding, Buying, Tasting, and Pairing Every Type of Wine, this title, translated from French (and you know France is in the top five wine consuming countries!) features six different wine scenarios (Juliette plans a party, Henry participates in a grape harvest, etc…), all charmingly illustrated. Covering everything from tannins to vines to bottle shape, this is a fun way to continue your wine education.

Wine. All the Time. The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking by Marissa Ross is filled with lessons and personal anecdotes about her self-guided education on wine, from how it is made to what to serve it with. Putting the glossary right up front will familiarize readers with often used words and phrases, prepping them for following chapters. Tongue-in-cheek and charming, this is the perfect title for aspiring wine aficionados who are looking to get outside the “box.”

Brand new and beautifully organized, Cheese, Beer, Wine, Cider: a Field Guide to Perfect Pairings from Portland-based cheesemonger Steve Jones opens with general information on selecting and storing cheese and alcohol basics. Each pairing entry features a cheese, beverage, and descriptions of both along with why this combination works, along with a “quick bite” noting an interesting origin, info on caves, or the differences between sheep.

Want to learn more? On Thursday, July 25, the Get Lit Pop Up Book Club will be meeting 6-7:30 p.m. at Bonacquisti Wine in Sunnyside to discuss Cheese, Beer, Wine, Cider. Neighborhood cheesemonger Mike Keuler from So Damn Gouda will be guiding us on cheese pairings with Bonacquisti’s wine, which will be available for purchase. Arrive at 5:30 for a tour of the winery!

Written by Dodie on July 3, 2019