To Make a Long Story Short: Classic Shorts

Wondering if you can commit for the long term? Do you want to read different genres you’re unsure of? Hear voices from different lands? Want to take a test run before you buy?

Short stories can be the perfect fit for someone who wants to dabble. DPL has chosen 50 Short Story Collections we feel are significant to readers of today. Own Voices, Classics, Science Fiction, Mystery - you can dabble in them all! We will run a series of blogs highlighting specific parts of our Core Adult Short Stories collection (one of many Core Collections at DPL!). For our first blog, we’d like to turn you on to those familiar authors and stories that have made a mark on literature.

Read why Sherlock Holmes has such an enduring legacy. Live the terror and madness of Poe’s dark imagination - perfect for Halloween or any time of year! Take a trip inside the philosophical labyrinthine mind of Jorge Luis Borges. Take another turn into madness with Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper and understand why women’s “hysteria” was a social outcry. Be ready to be beguiled by the imagination of Ray Bradbury, the teller of all things fantastical. Brilliant writers of the short form Flannery O’Connor and Roald Dahl (did you think he just wrote for children?) round out this masterful list.

You’ll love to dip your toes in these classic shorts. But, don’t stop there - our list is varied, diverse and waiting to be devoured.

A guest blog by DPL librarian and Core Collection Team member Gina W.



Written by Becker on September 23, 2019