"LitLine" Puts Good Writing At Your Fingertips

With the library's LitLine service, short stories, essays, and poetry -- in both English and Spanish -- are just a phone call away. No need to download an app for your tablet or install Zoom on your computer. Just pick up your phone and dial 720-865-2003, and you can hear a DPL staff member read aloud. Choose option 1 for story or essay in English, option 2 for poem in English, option 3 for story or essay in Spanish, and option 4 for poem in Spanish. If you want to leave feedback, choose option 5.

LitLine offers library staff a way to connect with the Denver community during this difficult time of social distancing and isolation. Staff members choose pieces that they enjoy and love, and so each reading is like a small gift to our community. Because staff members get to choose the pieces they read, the writings you hear are as eclectic and diverse as the staff itself. 

We record new pieces every week, so keep calling back!

Written by Amy on April 1, 2020