Make A Wishlist for When the Library Reopens

Library lovers far-and-wide have probably noticed a big hole in their lives since all Denver Public Library locations are closed. We miss you too! Let’s not dwell in our sorrows too much though. How about funneling that emotional energy into making a wishlist for when we reopen? Let’s take this time to think about all the books we want to read!  While you can’t place holds at the moment, you’ll be delighted to learn your online library account comes with list-making features, so you can place holds on titles of interest later. First of all, log into your library account. Depending on which home screen you use, look for My Account or Log In on the top right-hand corner. Then do your search. See that big blue button there on the right-hand side? Right under where you would place a hold? Ah, yes, there it is! Add To My List.

add to my list

Now you are in business to save titles in a list to your heart’s content. You can easily refer to these lists later, like I do when my expectations about reading are more realistic! What if you want to learn about related titles we are purchasing as they come in? You may need the latest and greatest dog books, as soon as possible. Do a keyword search on our topic of choice. Well, go ahead and direct your eyes to the left side of the screen to thesave search Save Search feature. Customize your notification options and we will email with new books in whatever search parameters you specify.

If you had a hold waiting for you, it will be on the shelf for you when our doors open again. We miss you and hope to get our library materials to you again soon. In the meantime check out other ways to engage with the library at this time:

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Guest post contributed by Lily K.

Written by Dodie on March 31, 2020

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