Holds Are Back! A Few Words On That...

What could be more exciting than curbside pickup? Placing holds on our physical collection! If you follow our Library Pro Tips, you may have been making lists of titles to put on hold all along. If you look at one of your lists now, you'll see a checkbox next to each title. At the bottom of the page you'll see a button, Place Request. If you check a title (or two or three) and click Place Request, the system will place a hold for you automatically!

But here is where A Few Words On That... comes in.

While we adjust to curbside holds and ramp up for additional services, customers will be temporarily limited to 10 physical item holds at a time. And because we know that many of you may already be at that ten hold limit, here's a way to shuffle the deck a bit to get the most important items to you on your hold shelf sooner.

Remember, if you already have items on hold that you aren't in a hurry for, or may not get for a long time anyhow (still waiting for Where the Crawdads Sing? 95 copies, 287 holds!), you can suspend those holds and make space in your holds queue for something that is on the shelf right now!

Have questions about how to place holds? Learn all the ins and outs of your library card at our weekly program. Drop in or stay for the whole thing!

What?! You have no holds? Fill out a Personalized Reading List request - we'll have your hold shelf filling up in no time!

Written by Dodie on July 13, 2020


kate redding on July 14, 2020


I got a phone call about a book on hold. That recording needs more info I think. I called the number he gave me -1192- and it says that the library is closed and to call during the hours 11 to 7 Tuesday through Friday . I am calling during those hours. Same with Park Hill's number -0250, only the hours are noon to 7 Tuesday through Friday. Please advise.


Hi Kate - give the 720-865-1192 number another try - there was a snafu in the phone service this morning and it is now fixed! - thanks for being a loyal customer - Dodie, CENTRAL