Tickets For Butterfly Pavilion Are Now Available With Your Library Card!

Reserve tickets to Butterfly Pavilion with your DPL library card!

At Butterfly Pavilion you can frolic with 1,600 free-flying tropical butterflies in Wings of the Tropics, hold the famous Rosie the tarantula in the Crawl-A-See-Em, dive into the wonder of the coral reefs and other ocean invertebrates in Water's Edge, and explore the unique and diverse invertebrate habitats that exist here in Colorado.

Butterfly Pavilion features five exhibit areas including four indoor exhibit halls and outdoor gardens and nature trails. Each exhibit features a unique touch experience, live animals, interpretation by talented exhibit staff and interactive technology that explores science and conservation topics.

Butterfly Pavilion transforms the way people think about invertebrates. Book a pass now and visit these hidden heroes of the animal kingdom.


Written by stacey on July 30, 2019