Winter Sports to Get You Outdoors!

Even the most well-intentioned and health conscious of us might shy away from the chilly frost and outside activities of winter, but outdoor fun during the cold season offers some great opportunities to enjoy the increasingly longer days of the new year! There's skiing, snowboarding, climbing, hiking, camping – need we say more?

Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes: Colorado by Brittany Walker Konsella and Frank Konsella.

One hundred of Colorado's best backcountry ski and snowboard routes are described in detail by local pros who have both ridden all 54 of the state's 14ers. Whether you're an experienced backcountry skier or intermediate snowboarder looking to ramp up your out of bounds expeditions, the authors have the cred to guide you to the state's special runs. 

Snow Travel: Skills for Climbing, Hiking, and Moving Across Snow by Mike Zawaski

This is a great title for anyone who is starting to get into exploring and experiencing the snowy mountain environment. Even veteran climbers and hikers will find new tips, ideas and information in every chapter. And Mike's anecdotes make the narrative entertaining as well as potentially life-saving!

Survive: Snow Country by Jeff Henry

Lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket or tucked into your backpack, this is the must-have item to have in case you find yourself in a snowy survival situation. Including topics on administering basic first-aid, finding food and water, building shelter, and mental preparation, expert outdoor enthusiast Jeff Henry gives you the absolute essential information needed to get you home safely.

Complete Guide to Winter Camping by Kevin Callan

Callan aka The Happy Camper covers nearly every aspect of snow and ice fun and safety. With expert advice on setting up shelter, choosing a sleep system and warm clothing and more, he gives readers the knowledge to outfit themselves properly to enjoy winter. And with chapters on how to track animals, check ice thickness, operate a snowmobile and catch a fish while ice fishing, Callan ensures you'll have a good time once you're all bundled up!

Ultralight Winter Travel: the Ultimate Guide to Lightweight Winter Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking by Justin Lichter and Shawn Forry

This title focuses on the skills, techniques, and decision making that will help expedite the learning curve of winter adventurists. The techniques described in this book will show readers how to adapt to their surroundings and to safely overcome challenges that may otherwise have turned them back. Perfect for all skill levels of winter travelers

The Great Outdoors: a User's Guide, Everything You Need to Know Before Heading into the Wild (and How to Get Back in One Piece) by Brendan Leonard*

This easy introduction to outdoor life will ensure that even a novice won’t get lost in the woods while finding an activity to love in the great outdoors--whether it’s hiking a 14er or camping on ice. With 400 strategies for engaging in the outdoors, and expert tips and tricks, this book makes Mother Nature easier to understand than ever before. Brendan Leonard, writer, filmmaker, and outdoor adventurer, shows the reader how rewarding it can be to live life away from the computer and get outside.

*Want to hear Brendan Leonard speak in person? Check out our event at Improper City this Saturday, January 12, at 2 p.m.!


Written by Dodie on January 5, 2019