So You Say You Want a Resolution?

Historical records indicate that the act of making New Year's resolutions goes back to the ancient Babylonians. I wonder if the current 8 percent resolution success rate was as true then as it is now! Among the top five resolutions made by Americans are losing weight, quitting smoking, and getting out of debt - all achievable, say the experts on such things, if you take things one step at a time. The Denver Public Library has a plethora of resources including books, DVDs and programs to help you make and stick to your "better you" resolutions.

Quitting smoking is a big one - this impacts your wallet as well as your health. The Center for Disease Control's I'm Ready to Quit campaign provides loads of support and tools to use on your journey to become tobacco-free. For some back-up support, grab a copy of I Know You Like to Smoke, But You Can Quit: NowOptions such as nicotine replacement and hypnotherapy are covered, as well as the importance of family support, trigger warnings, and watching one's weight.

Exercise and health are biggies, and living in a appearance-obsessed society can actually work against those trying to get to and maintain a healthy weight. Not ready to throw down a bunch of money to join a gym? Start by learning how your body works with Changing Body Composition Through Diet and Exercise. This four disc set includes a series of lectures covering everything from dietary supplements to energy balance. Then pick up one of our many exercise videos to put theory into action. 30 Minutes to Fitness: Amped Up Cardio Live includes calisthenics and boxing, or try shaking and shimmying your way to fitness with DIO Dance It Out: Get Up and Sweat!

Money, or lack of it, is almost always an issue. According to the Federal Reserve, the average American household carries $137,063 in debt, yet the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the median household income was just shy of $60,000 in 2017, suggesting that many Americans are living beyond their means. Understanding how and why you spend money could be the key to keeping more of it for yourself. The authors of Dollars And Sense: How We Misthink Money And How To Spend Smarter examine the psychological aspects of personal finance, and offer guidance on how budgeting, credit card debt, and impulsive buying behaviors affect our ability to save money. Maybe your way out of debt is to make more money. Drop into our Facebook: Business Pages program to learn how to increase visibility through social media, or get a new, better-paying job with the help of Denver Workforce Services' ResumePro.

Keep an eye on our events calendar for more programs which can help you find jobs and learn new skills.

Whatever your resolution is for 2018, remember that learning to fail and try again is just as important as getting it right the first time. And since over 90% of us will not succeed, at first, in achieving our New Year's resolutions, you'll be in good company!

Written by Dodie on December 28, 2017