An Afternoon with Silvia Pettem, Author of The Blonde Tigress

Eleanor Jarman is the real woman behind the mystery of the ferocious ‘Blonde Tigress,’ an armed robber who evaded justice after a lethal crime spree. A fugitive who was imprisoned and escaped from custody in 1940, Jarman was never apprehended, and her ultimate whereabouts remained unknown. Silvia Pettem, a Colorado-based historical researcher, writer, and author, was led to the identification of a decades-old murder victim, and switched from writing about history to the genre of true crime. Her latest book, In Search of the Blonde Tigress: The Untold Story of Eleanor Jarman, combines biography and prison reform in the 1930s with modern-day evidence that has helped to unravel a long-standing mystery.

Pettem will be discussing her research and the mystery behind Eleanor Jarman on Saturday, October 21, 3-4 pm, at our Ross-University Hills Branch - no reservation necessary, and copies of In Search of the Blonde Tigress will be available for purchase and signing.

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