Science Friday and DPL Invite You to a Lost Feast!

Once again, Denver Public Library is participating in National Public Radio’s Science Friday Book Club. This spring we're inviting readers and listeners to explore food security, species extinction and the future of food with Lenore Newman’s Lost Feast: Culinary Extinction and the Future of Food. Published in 2019, the book takes us back to the death of the dodo, marks the passing of the passenger pigeon, and mourns the mammoth—while also asking what they tasted like. We learn about pear species of years past, trace the fickle path of vanilla pollination, and ask what the Romans’ favorite herb might have tasted like.

This season’s Science Friday Book Club kicks off on April 16, 2021, and the first online event is April 20. Author Lenore Newman will present Hosting A Lost Feast: How To Protect Flavors And Food Traditions. Join in for a SciFri Zoom Call-in, where attendees can join Science Friday producers to hear the interview before it is broadcast on our radio show, as well as chat with fellow listeners, ask questions to our guests via chat, and could be selected to ask their question live. See the full schedule for Science Friday Lost Feast and RSVP now for any and all events you’re interested in!


Written by Dodie on April 6, 2021