Conflict Resolution Month: Being Humans, Strangers and Healing Trauma

Every October, Conflict Resolution in Colorado invites readers to pause and explore themes of conflict resolution with a selected community read. This year the library has supplemented programming with a workshop on key communication skills and an additional book discussion exploring the impact of trauma on the body with practical approaches to healing. For all programs, a limited number of conflict resolution titles will be gifted at each program. 

Rediscover key communication skills for healthy and productive conversations. Join The Conflict Center for an in-person workshop, Being Humans Again: Skills to Improve Our Communication, Saturday, October 1 at Park Hill Branch Library. 

Curious about stranger-danger and how we “other” people in our community? The Power of Strangers by Joe Keohane is the 2022 community read for Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado. No time to read? Check out the reader’s guide and join the facilitated discussion Saturday, October 15 at Eugene Field Branch Library with former Colorado State Senator, Linda Newell.

The Social Justice Book Club explores approaches to healing radicalized trauma with My Grandmother’s Hands by trauma specialist, Resmaa Menakem on Wednesday, October 26. Reserve a spot for this hybrid program welcoming both in-person and online guests.

Looking for more? Discover additional adult reads and recommended children’s books to share. Together, one discussion at a time, Listen. Talk. Work it Out. 

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