Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month: Empowering Children with Stories

As a children’s librarian, one of my goals is to build empathy through stories and information. As a member of the AAPI community, that goal has taken on more urgency as I’ve watched the numbers of anti-AAPI hate crimes multiply. In this time of fear, there are many ways I am supporting my community. One of them is turning to books as a way to empower, support, and celebrate the AAPI community during AAPI Heritage Month and all year round..

There are lots of reasons to read books by AAPI creators. No matter a child’s identity, reading books with authentic AAPI representations is important. Representation builds empathy and combats harmful stereotypes, such as the model minority myth. For children who identify as AAPI, seeing their experiences and identities reflected in a book is extremely empowering. Those stories build a sense of belonging and confidence. It can even help them become stronger readers because kids who see themselves in the books they read have higher levels of reading motivation.  

Ready to pick out some books to share with the kids in your life? Here are a few of my favorite books by AAPI creators. Visit Read - Play - Learn for more book recommendations and resources for kids and families. 

Written by Equity on May 19, 2021