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National Women's Health Week runs from May 12th - May 18th, but it doesn't stop there.  As the days, and weeks, and months of our busy lives go by, we face choices about health all the time.

Will we ride the bike, or drive the car?  Will we run back in and grab those sunglasses before heading out for the day?  How about the sunscreen?  Will it be a night out with friends, or a stop by the gym on the way home?  Will we squeeze in one more episode of NCIS reruns, or will we use that hour toward a good night's sleep?

We pretty much know we should eat our fruits and vegetables, get plenty of rest and exercise, and deal with stress before it takes too much of a toll on us.  But when life's demands derail our best intentions, it's time to take stock of who we are, what we're trying to accomplish, and how we can weave healthy choices into our routines and crazy-times, as well.

For me, that usually means some 'time out' to refresh my perspective.  I need to stop, get real, and make some plans.  I need to remember that life is not a sprint, it's a marathon.  If my pace is killing me, it's just not sustainable.  When will I take time to fill up my own reserves, as I must, if I plan to keep on caring and sharing in ways that matter to me.  I have to matter, too!  Can stretching at home and riding my bike cover for the gym this week?  Maybe that would allow me the boost of being with special friends? And maybe one of those friends would be up for walking together once a week?

You've been there. You juggle lots of things every day. As you look to National Women's Health Week, and beyond, take some time and think about you. What would you like to do right now for your health? Book something healthy, just for you! (And invite a friend along sometimes, too!)

BAM! Body & Mind

Look for book and literature displays in several of our Denver Public Library locations.  We would love to assist you in finding whatever type of information will be of interest to you.  Please share your best suggestions for women's health here, too!



To search for a personal physician, you might try the American Medical Association's Doctor Finder:

or the Colorado Medical Society's Physician Finder:

Are there any Internet sites I can use to find a doctor? I have looked at the doctor issue of 5280 but I need a broader choice. Thanks

Besides the 5280 doctor issues, in our Reference Department we have some Top Doctor books. Typically these books are organized by specialty and location. Depending on the type of doctor you're looking for, that might help. My guess is that many of these 'best doctors' are actually pretty busy, but their office may refer you to others that they recommend.

Here is a website that might help get you started. You aren't only 'finding' a doctor, you're also making a choice about whether this is a doctor you can feel both comfortable and confident in working with.

Another website to be aware of is It is from the American Board of Medical Specialties. You can look up physicians of many specialties here.

Our Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies covers issues of licensing and discipline for professionals in many kinds of health care.

I hope this helps! You may want to get further assistance in our Reference Department, too. Call 720-865-1363, or

Thank you for a wonderful blog post, Elaine--how appropriate for Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to all moms :-)

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