Bonus! America's Newspapers - Newsbank Special Reports

Did you know that our newspaper database America's Newspapers offers Special Reports on timely topics?

NewsBank’s Special Reports are news articles, images, videos and other timely content so you can quickly locate information on a specific subject. Each Report features current and retrospective coverage, and new articles are added daily.

All Special Reports are listed on the left side bar from America's Newspapers

Here are some of the Special Reports that may be of particular interest:

March Topics and Monthly Themes

  • Women’s History Month
  • Issues in the News
  • U.S. Presidential Election of 2012
  • Natural Disasters
  • World Politics and Government

Additional featured Reports covering current issues and events

  • World Economics
  • World Environment
  • World Health
  • Science and Health in the News
  • Film and Television – News and Awards

Check it out! This is one more way to find timely, interesting and relevant information, for research, to stay informed, or just for fun.

Written by Janet on March 1, 2012

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