National Doughnut Day - Friday, June 6th

Friday, June 6th is National Donut Day. Established by the Salvation Army in 1938, National Donut Day honors the men and women who served donuts to soldiers on the front lines of World War I. Check out the Salvation Army’s short film about it here.

This is the perfect time to celebrate the recent donut renaissance here in Denver. Our health-conscious city has finally embraced the sweetened fried dough. When I moved here 10 years ago I was astonished by the dearth of doughnut shops. I was reduced to grocery store varieties and the occasional LaMars treat. Friends and I even resorted to driving to Colorado Springs to get Dunkin Donuts and reminisce about our Midwestern, doughnut saturated hometowns.

Things have changed. In the last year, we’ve seen the introduction of multiple Dunkin Donuts and the first Voodoo Doughnut outside of Oregon. Based on the lines, I’m not the only one excited about these new venues. Also, previously only sold at farmer’s markets and select coffee shops, local gourmet doughnut makers, Glazed & Confuzed are opening a bricks and mortar location at 5301 Leetsdale in the near future. They were recently featured in the Thrillist as one of the 21 Best Donut Shops in America (As an aside, why has Denver missed out on the fried chicken and doughnut combo featured by some of the shops on this list?!)

If you’re adverse to the hype of Dunkin and Voodoo, I’ve discovered two amazing shops that are as mom and pop as it gets. First, The Donut House (3124 S Parker Rd, Aurora) can’t be beat for its friendly owner and mouth-watering pastries. Best feature? The doughnuts are filled right in front of you upon order! It’s well worth the drive to the border of Aurora. Second, visit Carol Lee Donut Shop (7200 Meade St, Westminster). I’m almost exclusively a “raised” doughnut guy, but their cake doughnuts are of a caliber that make me purchase at least one. I’m also a sucker for any place that uses a random assortment of home ceramic coffee mugs. Pretension be damned. (It would be remiss if I didn’t mention the decadent donut holes of Jelly. Although they aren’t exclusively a donut shop, I’ve been known to take a large order to go.)

Think you can do better or just want to give doughnut making a try? We’ve got you covered. Check out these book:

However you choose to celebrate, don’t miss out on the freebies. Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts (w/drink purchase), and LaMars will all be giving out one free doughnuts to visitors. Glazed & Confuzed, although not officially opened, will be giving out free doughnut holes at their new location.

Document your Donut Day goodness with the hashtag #donutday .

Written by Bobby on June 5, 2014


Anonymous on June 7, 2014


Isn't everyday, donut day?!

Lisa F. on June 7, 2014


They really like donuts in Boston. There are Dunkin' Donuts everywhere. There was a green highway sign that said: Gas, Food, Lodging, Donuts. I wanted to get a picture, but I was too slow and my husband wouldn't turn the car around to go back.

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