Best Music of 2013 - Critics have have your say!

With 2013 coming to a close, the “best of” music lists have been pouring in the past few months. Best albums, best cover songs, best tracks, best photos, best music appearances on television - the possibilities are endless and critics never seem to tire of list-making.

Here is a round-up from some of the more influential sources:

As I’ve explored these lists, I found a few fantastic albums that I’d missed this year including Valerie June’s Pushin’ Against a Stone, CHVCHES’s The Bones of What You Believe, and Waxahatchee’s Cerulean Salt. Maybe you’ll discover something new too. If you visit our Central location, we currently have a “Best Albums of 2013” display in the Music & Movies room where you’ll find some of these titles.

I blogged about a few of my favorite 2013 albums back in June. Since then I’d add the following to those ranks:

People love to debate whether it’s been a good year in music or not. The question seems more immense than I’m qualified to tackle. I know I’ve found plenty to listen to and I’m sure there are more under-the-radar titles sitting on our shelves right now.

What are some of your favorites from 2013? What albums or artists have been woefully ignored this year? We’ve seen the dubstep and folk-rock movements waning, what will be the radio-ready fad of 2014?

Written by Bobby on December 30, 2013


angela on December 31, 2013


I loved Valerie June, Savages and Janelle Monáe this year. I'm looking forward to listening to Waxahatchee--I'd missed that one, too.

james on December 31, 2013


I also liked Savages this year, as well as Foxygen and Kurt Vile. Been meaning to check out the Mavis Staples, so thanks for the reminder on that one.

Johnny on December 31, 2013


Local artist Dave Devine's Relay II album was my personal favorite. The long awaited new album from Throwing Muses is great, as well as Boards Of Canada, David Bowie, Tegan & Sara and the collection of EPs from former Belly leader Tanya Donelly.

Pitter Sidle on March 19, 2014


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