Bear Valley: One Branch One Story

Bear Valley Staff asked one of our Drawing Prize Winners for her thoughts about Summer of Reading 2013.

Bear Valley Staff: What was your favorite part of Summer Reading?

Rachel Soderstrom: I got prizes for doing something that I love! I love Elitch's and I love reading!

BVS: What about those prizes? Did you get anything cool?

RS: Oh yes, VERY cool! I won the drawing for a $50 Target Gift card! I was uber-surprised that it was $50 because I had thought it was only going to be about $10. And I love Elitch's, so a free ticket was awesome! And of course, I love adding books to my personal book collection so the book prize was especially good.

BVS: You were pretty happy about that, huh? What did you get at Target?

RS: VERY happy. I got a Bungee Chair, it’s a chair made out of bungee cords. And I still have about $29 left for something else.

BVS: What did you read this summer?

RS: I own the first book of the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. But I borrowed the other books in the series from the library. I read all eight this summer.

BVS: Nice! That’s a lot of books for one summer. Did you read anything else?

RS: I read most of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. I only have three left to go!

BVS: Thanks for talking with us, Rachel. Teen readers like you make Summer of Reading all worth it and make it fun for us, too!

Story submitted by Bobbi and Kristin G., Librarians at the Bear Valley Branch Library.

Written by angela on September 3, 2013

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