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I am a Book Floozy.

Translation: I binge read, quite frequently, romance novels. I love them all from bodice rippers to inspirational to paranormal; although, I tend to gravitate towards Victorian era books when flipping through the stacks. They are my comfort food, my favorite mind-numbing TV show, my beach read, and my exciting Friday night plans. They call to me after a particularly long work day, or when I begin to lose my optimism and cheerful disposition. In my last blog I talked about some unique finds in the Reference Room and one was Treasury of Love Quotations from Many Lands. Since February hosts Valentine’s Day and I’m a proud Book Floozy, I began to wonder about the other books that focus on this subject available in the Reference Room. Spoiler! We have some great ones…

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Love, Courtship & Sexuality through History

This is a wonderful reference book. It is a six set volume that “explores the array of ideas, attitudes, and practices that have constituted sex and love around the world across the centuries.” This book offers great information about love and sexuality as it chronicles how they are expressed and perceived from culture to culture.

Elizabethan Love Songs

The Reference Room has an impressive collection of musical scores, and two gems are the Elizabethan Love Songs v. 1-2. The songs were written from 1593 to 1627 and are rather remarkable as they were originally circulated under a number of arbitrary patents. Apparently, two gentleman, Thomas Tallis and William Byrd, secured a patent for this particular style of music and were able to then control sales of not only their music but other composers as well. Outside of the fascinating history, all songs have voice and instrument components and range from sweet to funny.

Sex and Love Quotations: A Worldwide Dictionary

If you need to track down famous love quotations look no further than this great dictionary. It breaks down the quotations into 11 different topics - Love, Marriage, Being Single, Attraction, Desire, Break-ups, etc. – and within each group are narrower topics. The compilation of well-worded opinions and comments are found from writer, philosophers, researchers, and others. A quick glance will show you quotes from Margaret Sanger, Virginia Woolf, H.G. Wells, and Euripides.

Chinese Love Poems

While the Reference Room has a vast collection of poetry books I wanted to showcase this book in particular because of the lovely poems and beautiful illustrations by Seong Moy. The poems are timeless and remain appealing and full of richness as some were written over 1700 years ago. The illustrations are simplistic but add their own interpretation of the poems.

Twentieth-Century Romance & Historical Writers

As one of the consistently rated bestselling genres, it makes sense that authors might dabble in the money-making industry of romance novels. This proves problematic for Book Floozies like myself who are looking for not just any romance novel, but ones that speak to them (I know my list includes well-written and well-researched plot lines for time period novels). In order to wade through the millions – literally millions – of romance novels available, the Reference Room has this fabulous book that allows you to flip through thousands of authors, see all of their publications, and read a little blurb about the author and books to see if any catch your attention.

Happy romance reading everyone!

Written by Bailey on February 25, 2016


SuzanneK on February 25, 2016


Very cool, Bailey!

FrankW on February 25, 2016


Very interesting!! The poetry resources (including the Chinese Love Poems) that you point out would be great for people preparing for World Poetry Day in March!!

Anonymous on February 25, 2016


Very cool info! Looking forward to reading some of them!

Anonymous on February 29, 2016


Really nice overview!

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