Author and Holocaust Survivor, Jack Adler, Speaks at DPL

Born in Pabianice, Poland in 1929, Jack Adler and his family were swept into the terror of the Nazi concentration camps. His parents and four siblings all perished at the hands of the Nazis. In his powerful and inspiring firsthand account, Y: A Holocaust Narrative, Jack (Yacob) tells his story and describes his struggle to survive, overcome and regain a sense of joy about being alive.

Going On: A Lone Survivor’s Story
Sunday, April 21, 3-4:30 p.m.
Central Library, Level B2 Conference Center
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"Auschwitz/Birkenau, Kaufering, Dachau ... In 1945, Yacob (Jack) Adler was sixteen years old-the average age of an American high school student-yet weighed only sixty-five pounds and could barely stand. Stories of the Holocaust have been told numerous times, but Jack's candid narrative and firsthand account take us deep into the psyche of Nazi foot soldiers, their brutality, and insatiable appetite for the vicious treatment of innocent citizens.

 In his memoir, Y: A Holocaust NarrativeJack tells the heartbreaking story of watching hopelessly as his youngest sister is led to her death. "Peska turned one last time. We locked eyes...her blonde hair fell over her face as she twisted to see me. Her beautiful, full eyes should never have been consumed by that much fear. She turned back when the woman behind her pushed, and then they all moved on to the gas chambers."

How can a man lose his entire family to Nazi slaughter but still have hope for the human race? As Jack crosses an ocean and begins his journey of self-resurrection from soulless slave to freed American citizen, you will learn of one man's survival and his determination to liberate himself and others of bigotry and hatred. Spirited recollections archived in the memory of a man now eighty-three years old who still grapples with the question, "Why", come to the fore. Jack takes on the hatred, racism, bigotry, and misused religious beliefs-all precursors to the Holocaust-by addressing them directly and challenging his readers to analyze their own beliefs." -- Mbedzi Publishing.

Always warm and gracious, Adler will share readings from his book as well as take questions and engage in dialogue with the audience. Book signing to follow. Please RSVP online or call 720-865-1206.

Written by Chris on April 19, 2013


anna on January 22, 2014


Hello my name is Anna and recently jack alder came to my school to tell use his story and i think that if anyone could find a way to here his story do it


Thanks for your note, Anna. We so enjoyed hosting Jack at the library!

Mady on June 19, 2014


Jack Alder had visited my school, and I got to shake his hand. He told his story to us, and I consider it a pleasure to have heard him speak. Such an inspiring person, he is. God bless


He is a great man, a wonderful speaker and an example to all of us about living a full life! Thanks for your note, Mady!

Angelique on July 29, 2016


I wanted to personally contact Jack, he is truly inspiring. I would love to sit down and have a conversation with him. If there is anyway I could possibly reach out to him please email me Thank you

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