Girls Who DIY

If you’ve visited ideaLAB recently, you might have noticed our awesome new 3D printed decor, including a glow-in-the-dark, glittery, gold-plated unicorn and some amazing pom-pom letters. Did you know that those were made right in the lab by some totally fantastic teen girls?  

If you're a girl age 12-18, we'd love to have you come join in on our hijinks. Just visit the SM Energy ideaLAB in the Central Library on Wednesday afternoons from 4-6 p.m. to be part of Girls Who DIY! Every week we’ll be trying out a new and exciting maker, craft, or STEM/STEAM activity. Just this month, we have dabbled in textile arts with pom-poms and cardboard weaving, fabricated 3D printed catapults, and created some radical 8-bit art using Post-It Notes.

What’s coming up:

  • May 24: 3D printed customized fidget spinners 
  • May 31: DIY Vinyl Stickers and Iron-on Transfers using Cricut

In the future we’ll be exploring coding, robotics, web design, sewing, soldering, and oh so much more! Stop by any Wednesday afternoon (no registration required!) to join in on the fun.

Written by Ashley on May 18, 2017


jeliza on May 19, 2017


HI Ashley - I've got a 9 yr old and we've played some with 3d printing, any opportunities for slightly younger girls to participate or to work on a fidget spinner on our own? Seems very fun!


Absolutely! Please feel free to stop by any other time the lab is open, and we can get your 9-year-old and anyone else interested in spinners started (Visit this page for our hours and location information). Most designs we've seen use 608 bearings, which are a standard skateboard size. You'll need between 1 and 4 bearings for most spinner designs. Looking forward to seeing you!

Hadley on May 20, 2017


I have something I have to go to from 4-5 on Wednesday. Do I have to be there the full 2 hours, or can I come in whenever from 4-6


Hadley - if you can't make it until 5, no worries, we can get you caught up. There may be some weeks that we have a project that will run the full two hours, but this week should be fine. Hope you can join in!

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